The N'ko script is a writing system that was invented in 1949 and is used to write Manding languages used by more than twenty million of people across different countries in West Africa. Despite its significance in promoting African languages and cultures, the N'ko script is not recognized as officiel script by any country.
NKO-LAB is an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the learning and development of the N'ko script. Create during my master, in relation to my thesis topic, The use of N’ko script in West Africa and its political and cultural implications. 
​​​​​​​In this project, I have been involved in both the creation and ongoing development of tools and methodologies to enhance the learning experience of N'ko. I design games, crafted instructional worksheets, and conducted graphic workshops. 
I took charge of the role of UX/UI designer for the Nko-lab website, working in collaboration with a developer. The website offers educational resources and a space to connect with stakeholders of N'ko development.

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