Klervie Mouho is a Franco-Ivorian artist and graphic designer. Raised in Abidjan, she moved to Angers, France, where she graduated with distinction from the Beaux-Arts in Angers (TALM) in 2021.  
She then opted for a master's degree in graphic design, which she studied at the prestigious ZHdK. During this latter phase, her work focused on the valorisation of African cultures, culminating in a thesis on the use of the N'ko script in West Africa, for which she was able to travel to Guinea and set up a participatory structure involving the local community in the project. ZHdK recognized the value of her work and rewarded her with the 2023 ZHdK Fund for international and intercultural Student Projects as well as second place in the 2023 Forder Prize. 
Through her work, Klervie aims to combine her artistic background with her critical eye to develop projects that directly benefit and empower communities in Africa.

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